What Is First Heritage MortgageMatch™?

We create opportunities for Credit Unions and Community Banks so that they can buy and sell First Mortgage Loans on a loan-by-loan basis.

Our mission is simple: help Credit Unions and Community Banks balance their portfolios according to their needs.

With the click of a mouse, Lenders can search loans based on LTV, Rate, Credit Score, Property Type, and Program. First Heritage MortgageMatch™ was created with the understanding that a specialized market could enhance collaboration which would result in increased loan volume; managerial optimization; and improved risk management practices.

We understand the importance of privacy and integrity. All communication is kept confidential until a partner decides to share the information with a potential match.

The First Heritage MortgageMatch™ program allows credit unions to sell or purchase individual loans or loan pools. An originating Federal Credit Union may sell up to 90% of the face value of the loan, which has created a vast opportunity for credit unions to both buy and sell mortgage loans, helping institutions diversify their portfolios, generate income, and manage liquidity and interest rate risk.

Originators/Lead Lender must retain all originals of loan documents and is responsible for the loan servicing.

Benefits of First Heritage MortgageMatch™
  • Loan portfolio diversification
  • Balance sheet & liquidity management
  • Income opportunities
  • Risk reduction & compliance management
  • For mortgage loan sellers, this creates an opportunity to maintain member relationships while prudently managing the balance sheet
Benefits of Working with First Heritage
  • Unique understanding of credit unions, providing mortgage solutions for 100+ credit unions
  • More than 25 years of secondary market experience
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Personalized, confidential service.
  • Compliant participation agreements, including NUCA, GAAP and CECL adherence

1. Buyers

To diversify assets, generate interest income (at rates that are competitive with investments), and reduce excess liquidity, credit unions buy a percentage of a pool of loans offered by peers.

2. Sellers

To increase liquidity and reduce the ratio of long-term loans in their portfolio, credit unions sell pools of loans to other credit unions.

Interested in Participation Loans?

Contact First Heritage

First Heritage Mortgage Services
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FHMM Representatives: Scott Woll, Nicholas Verdi, Marabella DeBonaventura

How does it work?

Your institution registers as a Buyer/Seller/Both, and your First Heritage Portfolio Manager will
work with you to create your Profile to access what you want to sell/buy on the site.

How to get Started

Complete the registration form!


Become a free subscriber to our First Heritage MortgageMatch™ program, and receive weekly updates on individual loan sale and portfolio opportunities; Buyers can search loans based on LTV, Rate, Credit Score, Property Type, and Program.


Become a partner and confidentially list your loans at the frequency that works for your institution – weekly, quarterly or as-needed.


If you have any questions, please contact the following:

Scott Woll swoll@ca-usa.com
Marabella DeBonaventura mdebonaventura@firstheritage.org
Nicholas Verdi nverdi@firstheritage.org

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